The Top 4 Hiking Tents Every Hiker Must Have

The top four hiking tents every hiker should have. Include these tents in your collection of hiking equipment and we promise you can’t go wrong.

Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash

If you have ever gone hiking, you would agree with us when we say this; hiking is one of the most fulfilling activities one could ever devote themselves to. There’s just something about experiencing the beauty of nature firsthand that is simply breathtaking.

If you have ever gone hiking, though, you’d also agree that hiking is only delightful when all the right conditions are met ─ when the weather is just right, the hiking trail is in perfect condition, and most importantly, when you have all the right gear for the job. And when it comes to hiking equipment, tents are one of the ones you do NOT want to get wrong.

Interested in finding out which hiking tent is best for your next hiking expedition in Canada? Here are the top 4 tents for hiking you need to get.

Thru-Hiker One Person Mesh House ─ The Most Minimalist Tent There Is

When it comes to choosing the right tent for hiking, ease of carrying is one of the most significant factors to consider. Imagine having to hike up the West Coast Trail with an extra 5 kg strapped to your backpack. Yeah, that would NOT be fun. Well, this is where the Thru-Hiker One Person Mesh House comes in.

Designed to be practically the lightest possible tent in existence, the Thru-Hiker One Person Mesh House from MSR weighs less than 0.28 kg; that’s just about the weight of an extra 250 ml of water!

Being such a lightweight tent, this Thru-hiker doesn’t give you so much space. But if all you need is a place to spend the night away from the bugs and insects, this mesh house would do just fine! Need extra protection from the elements just in case? Pair this mesh house with a Wing, and you will be just fine!

Naturehike Triangular One Person Camping Tent ─ The Best Choice For Hardcore Expeditions

Some hiking expeditions are designed to be pretty light; the entire expedition takes no more than a day or three, and then you’re done. Some others, however, are a lot more hardcore; they take much longer and go much farther into nature, with you spending days, maybe weeks hiking. These kinds of expeditions require a very different type of tent. The Naturehike Triangular One-Person Camping Tent tent is perfect for this.

Featuring a fly and an interior made of 20D nylon coated silicon, some 70041 aluminum backing, and an interior and exterior waterproof index of PU4000MM, the Naturehike Triangular One Person Camping Tent was built to withstand right about anything nature can throw at you other than a full-scale natural disaster.

Add to that the fact that this tent weighs less than 1.4 kg and features a compact, easy-to-carry design, and what you have here is a hiking tent you can carry about with no problem and still trust to handle whatever nature decides to throw your way.

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent with Dark Room ─ The Perfect Tent For Couples

Sometimes, hiking is a personal thing. Sure, you could go with friends and loved ones, but in the end, it is still just you communing with nature. Other times though, it’s all about you and that particular person simply taking a break from all the stress and headache of the modern world. If this is what you have planned on your next hiking expedition, then you definitely want to get a tent that was built for two.

The Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent is a perfect choice here. With an interior dimension of 2.28 m x 1.34 m x 0.88 m, this tent provides you and your significant other with all the room you would need. It also comes with a taped floor and top-of-the-line rainfly that keeps you protected even in heavy rain.

Now, here’s what makes the Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent truly perfect for couples. Featuring Dark Room technology, the tent blocks out practically 90% of light, providing you and your significant other with that much-needed privacy while also letting you sleep well past sunrise by keeping out all that sunlight.

Camel Crown Large Camping Tent ─ The Perfect Family Size Tent

Planning a hiking expedition for the entire family? Chances are, you want everyone in one place. Well, your trusty old one-man tent wouldn’t cut it. That romantic two-person tent wouldn’t do the trick either. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the tent that would do the trick.

Explicitly designed to house up to 6 people with a 3.05 m x 2.60 m x 1.84 m dimension, the Camel Crown Large Camping Tent is an absolute monster with all the space you could ever need.

However, the size of the tent alone isn’t what makes it our top pick for a family tent. Instead, it is the fact that this tent was created precisely for that purpose ─ to house an entire family. Unlike other similarly large tents which simply provide more space, this tent has provisions for not just 6 people, but more specifically 4 adults and 2 children. This distinction means that you don’t just get a super large tent, but one that was also designed specifically with kids in mind. After all, if you would be getting a family tent, then it better be a children-friendly tent. Well, the Camel Crown Large Camping Tent is as children-friendly a tent as you can find.


And there you have it. The top four hiking tents every hiker should have. Include these tents in your collection of hiking equipment, and we promise you can’t go wrong.