Snowshoeing around Vancouver

Winters in Vancouver can be long, intimidating, and very dull. Learn about the best snowshoeing destinations minutes away from Vancouver.

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Winters in Vancouver can be long, intimidating, and very dull. But we have got just the activity to keep you engaged during the frosty days and nights. Some spectacular trails not far from downtown Vancouver are perfect for snowshoeing, camping, hiking, etc. In this article, we will share some of those sites.

Safety comes first:

Before sharing the list of those sites, let us remind you that you are about to enter an inhospitable terrain under extreme weather, so come prepared with all the worst-possible scenarios in mind. Here are some of the safety precautions that you must take before endeavoring a snowshoeing adventure;

  • Inform your friends and family about your plan. They should know when you intend to leave and will you return.
  • Make sure that you have ample food because you might have to extend your stay.
  • Besides food, you will need safety gear and a first-aid kit. Check what would you need and ensure their availability.
  • Don’t forget to check the weather before you embark on your journey. It should be clear with no chances of snowfall.
  • Familiarize yourself with at least the basic snowshoeing techniques.
  • Wear warm clothes, and for emergencies, keep sufficient stock with you.

Snowshoeing in Vancouver:

Vancouver has primarily three major sites for snowshoeing, and they are as follows:

  • Grouse Mountain
  • Cypress Provincial Park
  • Mount Seymour

These three places are situated at an elevated altitude and get snow almost every year. There are different trails and treks in these places that you explore snowshoeing. Let’s explore them in a little more detail.

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Grouse Mountain:

To reach the top of the Grouse Mountain, you need a vaccination card and a mountain entry ticket issued by the authorities. It will cost you $61 for a visit, including the return fare. Further, you can reach Grouse Mountain’s summit free of cost via the Grouse Grind and BCMC trails, which are dangerous and close due to bad weather. Once on the top, you can snowshoe to your heart’s content. There are no additional charges for it.

Further info:

  • It is not a pet-friendly trail, so you cannot take your dog along.
  • It will take you just a 20 min drive from main Vancouver city to reach the Grouse Mountain Skyride gondola.
  • The parking will cost you $10 on the parking spaces at the foot of Grouse Mountain.
  • You can also reach there via Bus 236 plied by Translink to the gondola’s base.
  • Famous trails and sites across Grouse Mountain include; Blue Loop Snowshoe trail, Snowshoe Grind, and Thunderbird Ridge Snowshoe Route.

Cypress Provincial Park:

It is located in the Cypress Provincial Park region and comprises two main areas; the Nordic ski area and the Downhill ski area. Trails at the Nordic ski area require passes which can cost you $18. Some tracks require permission which you can get at no additional cost to access them.

Further info:

  • It is partly pet-friendly. Dogs on leashes are allowed on all trails except for the Hollyburn Nordic Area.
  • It takes 30 minutes to drive to get there from Vancouver.
  • When you have purchased a snowshoe ticket for Nordic area treks, the parking fee is included in the ticket. For all the other trails, the parking costs $10. A free parking space is also available at parking space 3B, but it is far, and be prepared to walk considerably to any of the trailheads from there.
  • Famous trails across this area include; Hollyburn Nordic Area Self-Guided Snowshoe Trails, Bowen Lookout Winter Snowshoe Route, Black Mountain Winter Snowshoe Route, and Hollyburn Mountain Winter Trail.

Mount Seymour:

Snowshoeing at Mount Seymour will cost you$15 if you choose Mount Seymour Discovery Snowshoe Trails for this purpose. The ticket also covers your parking fee. For snowshoeing in the Mount Seymour Provincial Parks area, you require a free BC Parks Day Pass if you visit it from December 15 to March 31. To obtain the pass quickly just log on to BC Park’s website. However, you need to apply for it two days in advance. These passes are for morning and afternoon slots. If you plan to go after 4 PM, you don’t require any pass.

Further info:

  • It is pet-friendly. You can take your dog on a leash.
  • From Vancouver, it will take you a 35 minutes drive to reach the parking spaces of Mount Seymour Resort. There are two parking arrangements here. For snowshoeing at Mount Seymour’s trails, you get to park at the upper parking level of the resort. Against the Day Pass, you get a parking slot at the lower parking lots. From there, it’s a walk of up to 1.5 km to the trails.
  • A shuttle service for Mount Seymour can take you there for $10-15.

Famous trails on Mount Seymour resort include; Discovery Snowshoe Trails, Dog Mountain Winter Snowshoe Route, and Mount Seymour First Peak Winter Backcountry Access Trail.


That wraps up our topic on snowshoeing around Vancouver. Now you know where to go and how to get there for your snowshoeing adventures. Winters won’t be boring anymore. Activities like snowshoeing will keep you active and alert during the sordid wintery evenings. We wish you a great time.