Camping around Whistler

Camping around Whistler

Canada is a haven for many winter sports enthusiasts. But if you are looking for a piece of paradise, away from the crowds, follow our lead, and come to the most serene escape ever-Whistler (Canada).

Located in the western Canadian province of British Columbia and north of Vancouver, Whistler is home to Whistler Blackcomb, one of the biggest ski resorts in North America. The area is not only famous for skiing and snowboarding slopes but a wide selection of outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and mountain climbing.

Camping in Whistler: Dos and Don'ts

It is not a secret that many people worldwide travel to Whistler to experience scenic camping grounds and unforgettable opportunities. If you are a first-time camper trying out their outdoor skills, here are some fast rules for camping in Whistler:

Know about Fire Ban

After the wildfires hit British Colombia in 2021, many camping sites in Whistler implemented the summer fire ban. The ban starts as early as the end of May and runs until the rainy season in mid-September.

For those of us who might argue that there is no camping without bonfires, I would advise that you check out for fire restrictions when preparing for your trip. Make it your responsibility to know the fire ban and restriction types in your area of choice.

Do not feed the wildlife.

Whistler is home to both the black and grizzly bears, meaning even RV campers have to be careful and thoughtful about wildlife. Remember: A fed bear is a dead bear.

Tip: Avoid feeding the bears and store your food well in designated bear-proof containers or according to the best backcountry food storage practices.

Prepare for the Conditions

Camping in Whistler can be intense for first-timers. For instance, if you prefer the backcountry campsites instead of the posh campgrounds, you need to be well prepared. The weather in British Colombia can be extreme. Winters are cold enough to freeze your bones, and the summer season can be hot and sweaty.

Tip: Always be in the know about the weather and forecasts and be prepared for anything.

Gear up

Maybe you made it to Whistler, but you forgot your camping gear or made a last-minute decision to camp, and you are not prepared. There is no need to panic. The area has several outdoor camping stores selling gear that suits your different camping needs.

Here are some of the reputable camping gear shops in Whistler:

  • Escape at 113-4350 Lorimer Road
  • Summit Sports – 4923, Mountain Square
  • Excess Back Country at suite 106-4154

Camping Grounds in Whistler

In summer, Whistler offers its visitors plenty of hiking and camping opportunities. You can park an RV or pitch a tent to enjoy nature while saving money on accommodations. Without further due, let us explore some of the best campgrounds in Whistler, Canada.

Garibaldi Lake Camp Ground

Panorama ridge

The camp is named after the towering Mount Garibaldi Peak (2,678 meters) and is one of our favorite provincial camping spots in Whistler, Canada. Campers enjoy rich geological history, snow-capped mountains, and stunning views of lakes.

The camp is accessed from the Rubble Creek parking lot and involves a 9-kilometer hike to the campsite. You can make reservations all year round up to four months in advance through BC Parks before camping. Always watch out for the avalanche and glaciers when visiting Garibaldi Lake Camp Ground during winter.

Joffre Lakes Campsite

Joffre lake

Located an hour's drive north of Whistler in the scenery of vast mountains, Joffre Park is famous for its picture-worthy glacier-laden peaks and beautiful bright blue lakes. There are several worthwhile stops on the drive as you make your way to the campsites next to upper Joffre Lake.

You can book your reservations up to 2 months before your arrival date. However, one needs a valid backcountry camping permit for an overnight stay in the summer.

Riverside Camping & RV Resort

Riverside campgroupd

Whether you are on an outdoor tour with your family or alone, everyone can find something to enjoy at Riverside Camping & RV Resort.

The camp features modern facilities like yurts and cabins to rent with Wi-Fi, a volleyball court, and more. You can decide to relax and enjoy a backdrop or go for thrilling activities like zip-lining, skiing, or mountain biking.

Full service and overnight stay are available at the campsite. You can also make reservations all year round.

Singing Creek Campground


Singing Creek campground is the smallest camping spot in Whistler as it can accommodate only seven tents. It is situated on the north-western bank of Cheakamus Lake and is open all year round.

Campers enjoy amenities like pit toilets and food stores available at the campsite. Singing Creek Campground is one of the best places in Whistler where you can reconnect with yourself and be one with the wilderness.

Helm Creek Campground

Black tusk

Helm creek campsite accepts year-round reservations on its website and offers a 30tent pitching ground. Located within Garibaldi Provincial Park, the campground is surrounded by snowcapped mountains with a complete viewing treat.

Helm Creek campground does not have any luxury facilities, so many people tend to avoid the place. However, experienced hikers enjoy a low profile and quieter surroundings with faster reservation services.


Like any other camping trip, camping in Whistler requires some pre-planning and practice. The camping trip can be fulfilling if everything falls into place. It is wise to do your research beforehand and make campsites reservations. Also, check on fire policies before embarking on the tour.

Here are a few tips on how to be a responsible camper in Whistler:

  • Follow the campsite principles and leave no trace.
  • Avoid playing loud music and keep your voice low at night.
  • Do not feed the bears and follow bear-safe camping practices.
  • Before lighting any fire, confirm if it is permitted. If fires are allowed, maintain a small fire and keep it inside a fire ring.
  • Use the toilets at all times and carry an extra tissue paper.